Finding a Professional Animal Removal Orange County: Frequently Asked Questions

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Moving to a new home in Orange County can be very special and a momentous occasion, especially if you have found your dream house and location. However, this life can suddenly turn into a nightmare when you realize that you are not the only ones living in your home. Not talking about ghosts or human intruders here, but rather, animals such as raccoons, skunks and even bats and rats. When you realize that those scratching noises coming from your walls and those footsteps in your attic are not as supernatural as you have initially thought they would be, the next best and most important thing to do is to figure out a way to get rid of them once and for all.

Common Animals that Invade Homes
Orange County is home to several creatures, critters and crawlers that can cause damage and harm to homes and their residents. The most common ones are skunks, stray cats, rats, bats, birds and opossums. These will not just damage your walls, porches, floor boards, windows and attic; it can also make people sick through their secretions, bites and remains when they end up dying inside your home. If you are not a seasoned or certified hunter or trapper, you definitely should not handle things on your own. Not only will you be open to the possibility of getting hurt, you also might end up hurting the animals and spending more than you can actually spend – in repairs and getting medical help.

Top Animal Removal FAQs: Questions You Should Ask
These animals can easily be removed with the help of experts, without killing them or harming them in the process. This is the reason why you really have to be really meticulous when it comes to hiring a professional animal removal Orange County based company. There are several really important questions that you should not forget to ask when finding the best and the most reliable company to handle all your animal removal needs.

• What are the locations they service? – This is important because you have to know if they provide animal removal services to Orange County residents. This can ensure that you will not be forced to pay extra for “out of the way” services or assistance.
• What methods or traps do you use? – Because you only want to capture and remove them, you have to ask if the traps that they will be using will not kill or harm these animals. You can also ask what they will do to these animals once they are captured. Their methods should also be safe for humans as well.
• Are you insured and licensed? – Do not choose a company that does not provide proofs of documentation when it comes to their licenses and certifications. The company should also offer insurance policies.
• What are your rates and your forms of payments? – There are some companies that overcharge their clients, so you have to keep a watchful eye. You can ask them how much their rates are and what modes of payment do they accept. The company should be able to give you a breakdown of their rates and services.

To get more information about what your professional animal removal Orange County provider can do for you, contact All City Animal Trapping and their representatives will be more than willing to answer all your animal removal related questions.

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